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Creating Wealth for Women

As long as a demand exists for your knowledge and skills, you will always have a source of income if you know how and when to use them.  More millionaires are made through real estate than any other single business.  Most of those millionaires have been men.  So why aren’t women part of this equation? …
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Start real estate investing as a side business

Start Building your financial goals now! Helping women grow their businesses is powerful.  More and more women are getting into the mindset of a Plan B, second income generator or even full time businessentrepreneur.  One option is investing in real estate. There are so many options to investing in real estate however not all of…
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Start your own business

Recently I read a article according to American Express, women own four out of every ten businesses in the United States. That’s just 40%.  And as of 1988 women were not allowed to apply for a business loan without either their husband or a male counterpart sign for the loan!  That is appalling!  I want…
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