Start your own business

Start your own business

Recently I read a article according to American Express, women own four out of every ten businesses in the United States. That’s just 40%.  And as of 1988 women were not allowed to apply for a business loan without either their husband or a male counterpart sign for the loan!  That is appalling!  I want to believe this would not fly today.  However after visiting with several women business owners there are many times, if there is a husband present, the banker will ask if a husband has to be on the loan.  Can you tell this makes me upset??

Is it time to change the requirements?  I think so!  We can rise above this and We are Better than This!  I have been helping women start and grow their businesses for years.  It is with great joy that a lot of them are still working their businesses.  Sometimes we have to go part time with it depending on when life happens.  No matter the circumstances you need to keep moving forward with life and business.

Why start a business?  Freedom of time and finances.  Freedom from corporate America.  Time management freedom.  Control your own future.  Control your own finances.  Gain independence.  Work Virtually with people from around the globe.  FREEDOM!

Never Give Up!  Always remember to Go For It!

This article relates to South Dakota but gives stats on women owned businesses

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