Start real estate investing as a side business

Start real estate investing as a side business

Start Building your financial goals now!

Helping women grow their businesses is powerful.  More and more women are getting into the mindset of a Plan B, second income generator or even full time businessentrepreneur.  One option is investing in real estate.

There are so many options to investing in real estate however not all of them are widely known.  Recently I was featured on Keloland Living, a local CBS TV Program, and shared 5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate.  So often “investing” no matter if it is on Wall Street, real estate or stock options, it can be taboo for women to speak about. It is time to change that!  Do you save money into a retirement account, 401K or a Roth IRA?  There are so many ways in which you can invest even if you don’t have access to cash.  A lot of people get scared if they don’t have cash but don’t let that stop you!  Meeting women from all over the world who are taking the real estate investing game to heart and making it their passion to help others get into housing.

If your “why” is strong enough nothing will stop you.   Do you like helping others?  Maybe you have overcome your own challenges and now want to help others.  It should always be about the other person and who you want to help.

Let me tell you a story of my first deal…..It was a new build condo.  The lender who was the doing the pre-approval was a woman and although the loan was pre-approved she told me that I had the biggest sense of buyers remorse she had ever seen!  And she was the lender!  She informed me to tell my realtor (who was also my friend) that I needed to back out of it because she thought my friend was pushing me into the deal.  She was right.  I backed out and felt so much better.  2 months later I purchased another place that was more comfortable to my financial means and had a better return on investment.

Choosing to step outside of your comfort zone might be scary especially if it comes to spending your own money and time on real estate.  But it doesn’t have to be.  The most important step you can take is education.  Education is key.  There are a lot of books, podcasts and meet ups to start your education process.

When I was asked to do this segment I didn’t hesitate.  Take a listen below at the link and share your thoughts.

Click Here for the TV segment on “5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate.”

(It is the third segment down when you click on this link)

Start thinking about ways to invest!  Let’s be smart investors as we can never get back our time.

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