Go For It!  A Woman’s Guide to Perseverance

How do you weather the challenges of owning your own business while navigating personal tragedy and raising a child? 

Step into the pages of the story of Jo Hausman’s perseverance. 

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“Kickstart Guide to Viral Marketing”

In This Laser Focused 80 Page E-book You Will Learn How To:

  • Use Targeted Quizzes to tap into the minds of vast numbers of people who not only take the quiz but share it with their friends.
  • Copy examples of other successful quizzes by just plugging in your info into proven quiz formats.
  • Use contests that virtually command contest lovers to tell everyone they can about it…..because it gives them more chances to win.
  • Use content lockers to use natural curiosity to make people share your blog posting, articles and videos.
  • Use all three of these techniques to build massive email lists, create tremendous buzz and sell tons of your products and services.

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“Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking”

I’m going to share with you the #1 little known, yet time tested secret, only top seasoned professional speakers know that has earned me millions in speaking revenue. But first, how about asking yourself why you are not speaking right now and if you are, . . . why isn’t it for the highest fees possible?

If you’re like most professionals, you have probably wondered what a career in professional public speaking could be like, but you may have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

  • No one will ever pay me to speak.
  • I have nothing to talk about.
  • I don’t know how to get booked.
  • I’m too frightened to be on stage.
  • I have nothing to sell when I speak.

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Facebook Live Coaching

Do you know you need more exposure through Facebook Live but either too scared or not sure how to do it?  Doing a live video on Facebook will help you garner more exposure for the product or service you are selling.  Did you know once your live is done that it gets posted to your story and even more people see it?

Are you worried you won’t look right at the camera?  Or forgot the content you want to share?  Once you do it a few times, just like with anything, it becomes easier.  Repetition is key.  Good content is key. 

Get in front of your audience no matter the day or time. When doing a live video it is best to have people see it but they still watch it long after you have completed it.

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