How to Speak

How to Speak

Do you know how to speak?  Weird question huh?  In a normal everyday conversation it might be easy but when you are in front of a group of people it gets a lot harder.  I was recently at an event where there was several of us speaking.  A young lady (in her 20’s) was going to be speaking.  She was nervous but when it came time to deliver her speech she did very well.  She spoke of the company she worked for and how they could help the audience.  Afterwards I congratulated her and told her what a great job she did.  She thanked me and then said “I had an outer body experience being up there!”  With my curiosity aroused I asked how?  She said she felt like she was talking but no one could hear her.  The words were coming out but not sure what she was saying.  From the audience I would have never guessed that was her experience on stage.  She was poised, interacted well with the audience and did a great job.  Link to event

How many of us have an “outer body experience” when it comes to speaking?  Getting on stage can be intimidating.  Many people I know want to speak to large audiences.  But when it comes to applying for those jobs they don’t do it as they get scared.  One thing that is a given in any capacity is practice.  The more you practice the better you get.  If you are constantly speaking in front of others then you know.  But if you don’t and you are facing your first time practice, practice, practice.  I follow a gal on my social media who gives speeches around the country.  Before every speech she practices 40-100 times!  She might be giving the same speech in different places but she still practices that many times.

So do you how to speak?

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