“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners.” Chicago Tribune

Whether you are an inspiring entrepreneur, new to entrepreneurship or have a well running business working with a coach can help you generate new leads, new ideas and possibly a new mindset. A coach help you set your sights on higher goals and how to reach those goals.

When working your business, life also happens. How to navigate through the wonders of family and friends while working and strategizing your business. Working with Jo Hausman, MBA, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Real Estate Investor can help you when you are tackling new projects, getting your mind right about life and business or starting something new. You will build a plan for your business so you can drive profit into your business.

We as women are good at wanting to downplay how much money we deserve for our work. It is time to stop that and know what you are worthy of so much more! Financial freedom through owning your business is possible! There is no glass ceiling in entrepreneurship.

Financial Freedom can also be found in real estate investing. Let’s Go over both Programs that are offered:

Real Estate Investing

Are you interested in investing in real estate but not sure how or where to begin? Maybe you have a few rentals but want to start thinking bigger? Or maybe syndication is your next venture?

Wherever you are at let’s meet there! It is an exciting time to be real estate investor!
This program will focus on You and your goals of real estate investing. And most importantly about creating a real estate investing plan for you. Women have a tendency to back down from investing so let’s break through that barrier and become an expert in it.

Who says you can’t invest in real estate?


Isn’t It Time for YOU to Create your Future?

This Program is perfect for those who want to Be and Do so much more with their life.  Taking the next step into entrepreneurship or growing more of your business. 

In This Program we will conquer some of these questions and much more.  Getting you on track and toward your goals is the #1 Goal for this coaching program.