I help you
design the business
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With over 25 years of experience as a business owner, teacher, consultant, and strategist, Jo is uniquely qualified to help you start and grow your business.

Planning Works

Do you feel you are over your head trying to keep up with everything? Where to start? What to do? How to grow? These can be daunting. However with the right training and expertise you too can accomplish your goals!


Learn the critical challenges which are impacting your function and how to navigate them.

Real Estate Investing

Learn to grow your wealth by real estate investing

My Story

In 2005 I started and operated my own virtual assistant business.  Although people told me I would fail, it was with great joy I proved them wrong.  My ‘Why’ proved me stronger than the biggest No I ever encountered. 

Unfortunately, in 2010 my wonderful husband passed away from a debilitating disease.  My only child Cody graduated high school and went off to college.  It was then I decided to take back my life and start doing things my future self would thank me for. 

The virtual assistant business ended after 10 years.   It was time for move forward.  I wrote my first book “Go For It!  A Woman’s Guide to Perseverance” which became a best seller and have collaborated on other books.  

My business coaching business was birthed after the book was published.  It is a true joy to coach women to starting and operating high level businesses. 

Real estate investing was still in my blood so ventured out on my own and have been doing that for many years now.    Have and still own self storage commercial property, vacation rental, raw land, agricultural land, residential and multi- family apartments.   

And more books are on the horizon so stay tuned!